3-year warranty
All AOC displays include a generous three-year warranty starting  from  the original date of purchase. Within the warranty period, any AOC displays with manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge.


White LED backlights combine superior performance with energy savings. WLEDs offer quicker start up, consistent brightness, accurate color reproduction and higher contrast ratios. Mercury-free construction ensures safe recycling and disposal.


Zero Power Switch
Use the zero power switch to completely shut down your monitor and ensure that you aren’t wasting energy when you’re away from the screen.


Add an exciting new dimension to movies and games with flicker-free FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) 3D technology. View 3D content with bright, clear images in greater comfort and automatically convert 2D to 3D.


Response Time
Ultra-fast 1ms response time virtually eliminates lag, ghosting and blur, making it ideal for action-packed games and movies.


144Hz refresh rates deliver seamless imagery and low input lag for distraction-free viewing. Ideal for action-packed games and movies, 144Hz redraws the screen image up to 144 times per second – 2.4 times faster than a standard display.


16.7 M Colors
24-bit color depth produces 16.7 million colors for rich, accurate color reproduction and smoother tonal transitions.


16:10 aspect ratio
Wide 16:10 format provides more screen height, perfect for detailed office applications or viewing content side-by-side. 


NVIDIA G-SYNC delivers the fastest, smoothest gaming experience imaginable. G-SYNC dynamically synchronizes refresh rates to the GPU to eliminate screen tearing and display stutter and minimize input lag.


Miracast wirelessly mirrors content from your Android® powered devices on the full-sized screen. Experience your videos, movies, games and more in Full HD with 5.1-channel audio.


Wirelessly connect your display to Bluetooth-enabled accessories like printers, cameras and mobile phones.


Dynamic Color Boost (DCB) optimizes color settings directly from the on-screen display. The five color enhancement modes accentuate a selected range of colors to make your photos, movies and games more vibrant.


Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) intelligently adjusts backlight brightness depending on the displayed content, bringing greater depth and detail to the darkest areas of the screen.


VGA is an analog standard for video transmission, commonly found on video cards, laptops and more.


DisplayPort offers ultra-fast digital audio and video transmission without quality loss or input lag. It lets you easily connect a range of devices to your screen and is ideal for high resolution imagery.


HDMI digitally transmits high-definition video and multichannel audio. Easily connect the display to your computer, laptop or game console with a single cable.


DVI dual link
DVI dual link delivers double the bandwidth for higher resolutions, deeper colors and faster response times.


MHL technology mirrors content from your smartphone or tablet directly on the big screen. Enjoy extra-large entertainment and charge your device at the same time.


USB charger
The integrated USB port quickly charges mobile phones, tablets and other devices.


USB hub
Easily charge devices and connect peripherals directly to the display. The integrated 4 port USB hub gives you easy access to all your equipment and information.


Touch Key
Access the display functions with sleek, touch-sensitive buttons that blend seamlessly into the frame.


Extended display identification data (EDID) communicates details like manufacturer name, serial number and display capabilities to a connected video source.


AOC’s e-Saver helps you manages power consumption. Depending on the status of your PC (On, Off, Sleep or Screen Saver), you can set the time (in minutes) for the monitor to automatically shut down.


Eco Mode
Eco Mode optimizes your energy consumption with five different display settings. Select Text, Internet, Game, Movie or Sport mode to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast levels.


Green packaging
AOC uses 100% recycled cardboard packaging to reduce environmental impact.


High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is an international encryption standard for viewing copyright-protected HD content. It is designed to work with DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors.


Enjoy quality sound without connecting separate speakers. Listen to music, make a video call or participate in a webinar with the convenient built-in speakers.


Headphone Out
Conveniently connect your headphones directly to the screen to listen to music or make a video call.


AOC’s i-Care technology detects the intensity of the ambient light to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen. It significantly reduces eye strain and fatigue while decreasing power consumption.


Adjust your display settings with i-Menu software. Fine-tune luminosity, image setup, color temperature and more with a few simple clicks.


Light Sensor
The light sensor detects ambient light levels to automatically adjust your monitor’s brightness. It reduces eye strain and fatigue while decreasing power consumption.


Low Power Consumption
Effortlessly save energy, even when you are away from your desk. Most models use less than 1 watt in standby mode, and select displays use less than 0.1 watt.


Off Timer
The Off Timer cuts your energy use by up to 50 percent. Set the timer to automatically turn off your monitor at whatever time you choose.


Screen+ software splits your desktop into multiple panes for maximum productivity. Display up to four windows at once in a variety of layouts. Screen+ also supports multiple monitors.


MVA displays deliver bright, vivid imagery using energy-efficient LED technology.  Extra-wide viewing angles and super-high contrast ratios make these displays excellent for demanding design applications and fast-paced gaming.


IPS panels produce vivid, accurate colors with viewing angles of up to 178 degrees – even in pivot mode. Quick response times and high contrast ratios make these displays ideal for demanding professional applications.


Full HD
Full HD with 1920x1080 resolution delivers widescreen digital entertainment in 16:9 format. Play games, watch movies or view photos with clear, realistic detail and excellent picture quality.


Quad HD
With 2560 x 1440 resolution, Quad HD (QHD) offers superior picture quality and ultra-sharp imagery. The wide 16:9 viewing area gives you more room for work and entertainment.


Ultra HD
4K Ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 resolution offers four times more pixels than Full HD in 16:9 format. Superior accuracy and ultra-fast response times make it ideal for the most demanding applications.


Wide Quad HD
With 3440 x 1440 resolution, Wide Quad HD (WQHD) offers ultra-crisp imagery. The expansive 21:9 aspect ratio is perfect for multitasking and data management as well as gaming and design.


Flip the screen 90 degrees for optimized viewing in portrait or landscape format.


Swivel and Tilt
Tilt the screen for your ideal viewing angle or swivel it back and forth – it’s perfect for collaborating with colleagues or sharing results during a meeting.


Adjustable height
Raise or lower the screen to suit each individual’s height and seating preferences. The easy-to-adjust stand ensures hours of viewing or working comfort.


VESA wall mount
Attach your display to a wide variety of VESA compatible wall or desk mounts. Depending on the model, AOC displays are equipped with a 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm mounting pattern.


Ultra Slim
Ultra Slim IPS monitors bring streamlined design to any home or office. The ultra-narrow (removed) bezel enhances your viewing area with a nearly borderless appearance.