About AOC

AOC stands for high-quality consumer electronics that offer uncompromising value. We transform the latest technologies into reliable, user-friendly monitors that surpass the expectations of businesses and consumers who depend on our displays. Thousands of satisfied customers from a variety of sectors turn to AOC for our lasting performance, exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, AOC International (Europe) B.V. is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of computer displays. The AOC brand was founded in Taiwan in 1967 as the Admiral Overseas Corporation. It is now part of TPV Technology Limited – the world’s largest PC monitor manufacturer. The company annually distributes over 1 million displays in Europe, and more than 15 million worldwide.


Quality, Innovation & Design

With decades of experience, our technological expertise forms the basis of AOC’s high-quality monitors. Our engineers incorporate the latest innovations into AOC’s products, keeping our customers at the forefront of technological developments.


Year after year, trade publications have awarded AOC monitors for their performance. In addition, our monitors are frequently praised for their sophisticated design. From timelessly elegant to ultra stylish models, AOC monitors blend seamlessly into any modern home or office. Our design principles also incorporate ergonomics, including features like larger viewing angles, optimum contrast ratios and easy-to-adjust stands for maximum comfort.


A Smart Investment OR A Sound Investment OR A Lasting Investment

AOC monitors offer remarkable value for money. With a long history in the display segment, we guarantee a superior level of performance, reliability and service. AOC monitors have a low total cost of ownership with an excellent price-performance ratio over their complete lifespan. Our products are built to stand the test of time, but if repairs are required, we provide first-rate service through our 20+ European service centers. Our satisfied customers include home users, small businesses, major corporations, government ministries, major public institutions and more.



AOC offers a range of more than 30 products to meet the requirements of discerning home and business users. We produce three different product lines:

  • STYLE: The Style Line makes a statement with unique and innovative concepts that feature state-of-the-art display technology.
  • PRO: Designed for professionals and demanding home users, the Pro Line features the latest advances in display technology and ergonomics for ultimate performance and comfort.
  • VALUE: Equally suited to a home office or IT department, the Value Line offers dependability and performance at remarkably competitive prices.



AOC is committed to producing monitors with respect for the environment. Eco-conscious efforts start with production and carry through every step in the process, down to the choice of packaging materials. Built-in features like LED backlights decrease overall power consumption and ongoing running costs. Additional energy-saving settings let users tailor their working experience for even lower energy use. AOC displays comply with international environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR, TCO and EPEAT.