The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a system based on IEEE 1680 - 2006 environmental performance standard to evaluate how green the electronic products are. Currently, EPEAT covers desktop computers, notebooks, and monitors.

Recognizing the environmental impacts become growingly essential, both purchasers and manufacturers are seeking for standard environmental rules to define a green product. EPEAT meets the needs of both parties. With its standard criteria, purchasers can compare products while manufacturers know how to get green with their products design. The products with EPEAT logo are considered as green product for reducing the environmental impact.

For more information about EPEAT, please visit: epeat.net (http://www.epeat.net/) .

As part of the EPEAT Gold standard, AOC provides free recycling of the card board and foam filler packaging materials. For information on how to recycle your packaging materials, please refer to your local service center.